Woodsy Returns

After a year hiatus Muscle Milk Woodsy returns to its home trail at Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve in Minnesota on Saturday September 12th, 2015.

Both the Full Woodsy (8.9 miles) and the Half Woodsy (5 miles) return to provide you with two unique routes that are only open once a year. Our copywriter once wrote that each course has “epic lines over glacial ridges, hilly terrain and extensive lush forest”. Those who have gotten Woodsy over the years are now thinking, “that copywriter doesn’t lie”.

If you’re returning to the Woodsy Pack, welcome back.  We can’t wait to see you on race day.  My goodness did we miss you last year when we disappeared into the deep woods. We are back because we love this race, and we received so many requests from you all to come back. So, thank you.  We’re gettin’ Woodsy once again.

If you’ve never been Woodsy, then here are a few reasons why you should try the Full or the Half:

  • Our medals are wooden
  • Our trophies are wooden
  • Our mile markers are wooden birdhouses
  • Our start and finish line is marked with, you guessed it, wood
  • Oh, and our podiums are wooden stumps

Having finalized that list of selling points, I now realize if you do not like wood, you’re out.  Well, here’s one last shot: we’ll plant a tree for every person that runs the race. You better damn well like trees. We do, so we set a sweet little running course through them, and we’d like you to challenge yourself a bit here.  Get Woodsy with us.

Both distances are timed.  All participants will receive a commemorative tech shirt, wooden finisher’s medal and other goodies at the finish line.  Like Muscle Milk.  Try one for recovery after the next time you run or workout.  It’s helped our sore muscles, and we’re fairly certain yours will be sore after you run this course. I’ve been waiting to say this since 2013, so without further adieu: